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“Instant Impact”

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A new member of staff has joined the team of experts at specialist driving recruitment agency 24-7 Staffing in Chippenham, making an instant impact on the way the business operates.

Jo Weir, recently appointed Driving Recruitment Consultant for the Chippenham office, is no stranger when is comes to driving. Jo has been a Class I driver for 24-7 Staffing for almost a year with eight years previous Class I experience and thirteen years as a heavy goods driver, she knows a thing or two about how to do the job herself. Although she has a very petite build, Jo has proved on more than one occasion that she can fill the shoes of any Class I driver, even when it comes to serious multi drop around Bristol and heavy off loading, she still comes up smelling of roses!


When asked what her inspiration was to become a Class I driver Jo replied, “I like to be the best at whatever I do and becoming a Class I driver not only offered me the opportunity to understand the job from a different perspective, but also offered new opportunities for promotion and travel. “


As if that’s not enough, Jo’s strengths do not stop at the wheel. Jo has managed up to 50 drivers single handed whilst in charge of vehicle servicing and daily route planning in her position as Mechanical Transport Controller and Airfield Support, during an impressive 10 years’ service to the RAF. Directly responsible for up to 250 different vehicles, including various HGV’s, re-fuellers, cranes, aircraft replenishment trucks, sweepers and cars, Jo has learned how to cope well under extreme pressure.   


Jo brings a wealth of hands on driving experience to the 24-7 Staffing team, as well as her diploma in administration management and endless enthusiasm, it’s easy to see how she is making a positive impact on the business every day. 


Jo loves a good challenge, and although the toughest part of the job has been bringing on new clients, this has also been one of the most satisfying. “Julian has very high expectations from his staff, because naturally, he wants the best for clients and drivers – right now my biggest challenge is to fulfil his expectations. ” Jo concluded.


With just two weeks behind her, and five new clients in the pipeline, it looks like Jo can certainly meet a challenge and there are undoubtedly many more hidden talents still to unveil themselves. 


As mum of two young lively little boys it’s not surprising Jo knows how to meet a challenge, and of course juggling is just second nature by now!  

Published by Harvey

over 11 years ago


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