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Fighting back

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It’s understandable that people are a little more reluctant to take risks during tough times, although we’ve proved that using 24-7 Drivers can actually help you grow your business.


Lee Butcher, Transport Manager from Norman E Webbs had always managed without using agency drivers for a number of years. We called on him and began to explain the benefits of using our temporary agency drivers to help him cover ad hoc deliveries without taking the risk of employing a permanent driver.

Lee commented: “Using 24-7 Drivers gives us the flexibility to take on more work without employing extra full time staff, until we know the work is sustainable. We see them as an extended part of our transport team that helps to meet our customers’ deliveries.”

You too could hire vehicles, or make use of available vehicles and temporary drivers just when you need them, instead of committing to permanent overheads. So, if you’ve got what it takes to survive in this climate, give 24-7 Drivers a call and let us help your business grow today!

Published by Harvey

almost 11 years ago


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