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Is Working Hard The Answer To Success? – 5 Tips For A Better Career

We see all sorts of people here at 24-7 Staffing.  Some recruitment people work on a series of ‘best fit’ pigeon-holes, but we have specifically chosen not to do that because we know from experience that generalising people doesn’t really work.

There is one area where all our candidates have something in common. Fortunately it is an area that our clients look for in their potential employees as well.  It is the desire to get along and do well in their job.

One thing we all know is that hard work is the best way to get through the job. However on its own it really isn’t enough.  You need to work hard and work smarter.  Here are six tips that will help your efforts pay off in terms of your progression and career development.

1. Focus on the big and the small.

We tend to see the very big issues that come up day to day.  They do need attending to but beware of allowing them to become bigger than they are. Many of the big jobs started life as smaller, less urgent tasks.  Try to give time each day to the smaller jobs and they may never develop into the big, time soaking issues.  (See point 2 for a good way to deal with them.)

2. Create a task list.

Create a list of the tasks that need to be done each day and rate them by importance.  A good method is A, B, C where A is very urgent and C is small and easy.

3. Start with a win.

There is a psychological victory in completing a task.  Just like in a football game an early score puts you a goal up and then all you need to do is stay ahead for the rest of the match.  So try starting your day with a C task off your list to give you an early morning boost.

4. Look to the future.

It’s very easy to become totally focused on your day-to-day job and forget that you are in this for the long haul.  Your working life is not a sprint - it is a marathon.  So think about ways you want to develop.  Now discuss them with us and we can look at helping you achieve your goals.

5. Harder is not automatically better.

If you could work harder, then go for it and work harder.  Just as important is working smarter.  Work on what needs working on and don’t get tied up in things that are just soaking up your efforts for no benefit.

6. Only fight the fires that need fighting.

This is one where you need to be a little self-critical.  It is a common fault amongst people who want to work hard to fall into the trap of creating work for themselves. There is a lot of satisfaction to be had from solving a problem.  It makes us feel good.  However this means it is easy to fall into a habit of making an issue bigger than it is just so we can solve it.  Try to assess the basic need of a situation and resist the temptation to over work an issue.

There is an old saying ‘work smarter not harder’ and it’s very true.  If you work with purpose and apply your hard working ethos to the right areas you will find that it will pay dividends…  and you will probably end up with an easier working day.


Local recruitment company is going for growth 24-7

2015 has been a stellar year for Chippenham headquartered 24-7 Staffing. An independent recruitment and training company that specialises in four distinct sectors, Driving, Industrial, Commercial and Healthcare.


In June they opened their third branch in Amesbury. This was a tactical move for the company said Julian Thompson, Managing director: “We chose to set up another office in Amesbury after following the emerging economic and housing developments in the Wiltshire Core Strategy combined with the Super Garrison currently under construction in nearby Tidworth as this area has traditionally always suffered with a candidate shortage. We knew we could really make an impact by helping with the supply of candidates from this overlooked pocket in Wiltshire.“



24-7 Staffing has made a conscious decision to ensure that training underpins everything that they do and have built a business model that invests in the future of their candidates and clients.


Across all sectors the firm now offers training and development, from Microsoft packages to driver CPC qualifications, certificates in healthcare as well as First Aid.


Healthcare is a new sector for 24-7 Staffing and they are particularly ethical about the way they work. As standard, the agency ensures their candidates have a minimum of six certificates before they are put out into the workplace.  To ensure candidates are of the highest calibre 24-7 Staffing often invests 50% of the training costs, with the individual paying the other 50%.  The company has responded to the needs of the marketplace, with many people asking for access to courses such as epilepsy training.


24-7 Staffing stands out from the competition as it has invested in a permanent  compliance manager.  Candidates cannot be put on their database unless all referencing and eligibility checks have been signed off by the department head to ensure the highest standards of quality at all times.


The company’s business ethics is driving growth with an increasing client portfolio in new sectors and the appointment of high calibre new staff to support this.  The team will have increased to a 19 strong head count by the end of December with an ambition to keep growing and respond to the needs of the market in 2016 and beyond.


Money Isn’t Everything… But It Helps.


When a candidate is looking for a position we all know they look for certain key things that attract them to an employer.


For the most part when a candidate is considering a job they are looking to work for a good company where they will be happy and where they know their skills will be valued.  I suppose there are still people out there who just want to roll up to work in the morning, do a job, then walk out at night and forget about work until the following day.  There may be, but they are few and far between and they are not the kind of candidate we attract here at 24-7 Staffing because we are always looking to provide the best.  A worker who has no interest in the job or is only there for the wage packet is not the kind of person we like to supply.


When we send our clients prospective workers we want to know that the person we send out is committed and hard working with a real interest in doing a good job; not just a passable days work - a good job.  We like to think our candidates are proud of their working life and we try very hard to make sure they are perfectly placed people.


For a candidate considering a job it is a simple matter of jumping on the Internet to find out all about the prospective company and they now do this as a matter of course.  Why?  Because they are interested and want to know what kind of business they could be working for.  It is important to them because they want to do a good job.


Of course all this is great news but it also means that the candidate is likely to be in demand and have choices as to where they may apply their skill.  There is no need to jump at the first opportunity when there are several available and you know you are a great employee.  What they look for is a deciding factor, something that really tips the balance for them.


One factor is that the current employment situation is far more amenable to better wages.  I am sure all our clients understand that we are always working to get the best rates for our candidates.  We do this because we know that you want the best and (the bottom line is) they tend to be a little more expensive.  This is why we review our rates on a regular basis.  It benefits the candidates if they feel comfortable with the rate of pay, but it also means we can be sure of attracting the best.  A well-paid member of staff usually means a competent worker, loyalty and a contented team member for the client.  As we a ll know, a contented staff member is more productive.


So, while money certainly isn’t everything, it could be the tipping factor in getting perfectly placed people in your organisation who are worth every penny of that wage.


One of the side effects of the start of a new year is that we all tend to sit down and look at our life. Some of us make rash promises about things like going to the gym daily knowing full well we’ll never stick to it!

For many people it is also a time when they seriously look at their career. In many cases this leads to the conclusion that we are quite content but in others the result is that we feel dissatisfied and are craving a change.

The question now is ‘Should you do something about it?’

As is often the case this is not an easy question to answer. Sometimes we find ourselves temporarily in a frame of mind where we are not really seeing the full picture. Something as big as a change in management or something as small as a work friend moving on can make us feel as if it is time to move on ourselves. Think honestly about the questions below. Wishful thinking about something like a salary increase or wanting to be a manager needs to be tempered with the reality of being ready for the new role. So here are some quick questions to ask yourself before you decide to move on:

  • Is this a new feeling or have you been considering moving jobs for some time?
  • Has there been a big change in your working environment and conditions that you feel you are never going to be happy with?
  • Do you think that you could achieve more and have a more fulfilling career elsewhere?
  • Are you looking to change because you don’t see a future in your current role?
  • Is job satisfaction or salary an issue for you?
  • Are you ready for more responsibility or a new career path?

If you can answer yes to some or all of these then perhaps it is time to consider your options.

Remember, however, it’s often worth discussing your aspirations with your employer too; they may be willing to support you in your next move.

If you do decide it is ‘New Year, New Job’ time then please arrange to come in and see us. We will look at your options and then talk through your possibilities so we can advise on the right course. If that means staying in your current role for a while or immediately looking to change then that’s fine by us. It is more important that we place people in the jobs they want with an employer they want to be with than any other consideration. Whatever the outcome, a chat with one of our advisor's could be the best start to your new year.


Published by Harvey

about 10 years ago


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