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Freight Transport Association – The importance of belonging and being involved.

Here at 24-7 Staffing we think that there is more to working than just doing your job. We try and, I am proud to say, usually succeed in keeping up with the latest developments, changes and industry practice. One of the ways we do this is through our collaboration with support and trade groups. One such group where we have a particular affinity is the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

If you work or have links with the transport sector you are probably aware of the FTA. What you may not know is that it is one of the UK’s largest trade associations. Through its work the FTA supports the interests of its members whether they move freight by road, sea, air or rail and it has been doing so since the late 1800’s. Its members deliver over 90% of freight moved by rail and over 200,000 of the lorries that keep this country supplied are part of the FTA. They offer members a range of services from industry knowledge, through to advice and guidance on compliance with legislation and best practice.

Naturally, as you would expect with so many of our candidates and clients working in the freight industry, we support the work done by the FTA. However our involvement goes much further than just offering them a thumbs-up. For many years now we have been closely associated with FTA and our Managing Director, Julian Thompson, is actively involved with several projects as well as sitting on the South West Freight Council so is able to influence how legislation is shaped for the industry. 

One such project is the soon to launch Driving Agency Accreditation (DAA). This is an initiative that has been developed to promote good practice in this important sector. When drivers, and the companies that use their services use an agency, they want to be sure that the service and quality is meeting a set standard. This is the primary purpose of the DAA. The voluntary membership will mean agreeing to a systems audit to ensure that every accredited member is maintaining the good practice everyone has a right to accept. That is why part of the assessment for a member to join the DAA will be the comments of their customers.

Overseeing all this will be the Governance Group, which will in turn be answerable to a Standards Committee. The Standards Committee is composed of vehicle operators so they have plenty of experience of the needs and front line situations of the members.

We are pleased to say that Julian has been working hard to get this important initiative off the ground and has helped to set the benchmarks on which the standards will be based. As the scheme begins to roll out in February 2014 Julian will continue to be involved and he is completely committed to the needs of the initiative.

As Julian often says “This industry is not about getting someone behind a wheel, it’s about knowing the legislation and practices that make a good agency. The FTA’s Agency Accreditation will give clients the assurance that the consultants really understand the legislation involved with driving their vehicles.” 

Published by Harvey

over 9 years ago


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