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Do You Know Your Values?

Do You Know Your Values?

Why are values important?

The decisions we take every day are guided by our personal beliefs or values, whether we are conscious of them or not. Although ideally our choices would be made on the basis of firm values, often we are not clear about what they are. A sense of purpose and direction is essential in any plan for success. Like businesses we want to maximise our success. Therefore we need to ask ourselves some important questions:

•  What do I want out of life?

•  Who am I and what values do I want to demonstrate in life?

•  How do I want to be remembered? What would I like others to say about me?

•  What is my definition of success?

Having a clear sense of your personal values can result in more confidence, a stronger sense of your own identity and greater decisiveness. Once you know what your values are and have worked out their importance, it is easier to make major decisions because you will be clear about your personal principles in life.

People who have jobs they really like tend to perform better than those who dislike their work - so if job satisfaction is linked to effectiveness, it has to be better to be in a role that satisfies more of your own personal values. Being true to ourselves is an important part of success in life.

At 24-7 Staffing our company values are really important to us so if you're looking for a new job that matches your values more closely, then why not get in touch to find out how we can help - www.24-7staffing.co.uk.

Like it or loathe it, in both the business and personal world, Facebook and Social Networking is here to stay.

A few cases in the news recently shown everything from people being sacked for making derogatory comments about their employer online, through to someone claiming their boss 'breached their human rights' by accessing their Facebook page!

So how do employers stay on the right side of the law, and protect their own reputations? Firstly, online misconduct is no different to any other kind, so you need a robust email, Internet and Social Networking policy which makes' it clear that comments made online which might harm the reputation, or the business of the company, are a disciplinary offence.

You then investigate and treat them in the same way as any other disciplinary matter. As to 'human rights', the tribunal in this case held that there is no right to privacy when someone posts comments publicly, which can be easily accessed and shared by others.

Also, make sure your own organisation has a decent online presence and utilises Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Visit 24-7 Staffing's Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date with the latest news.

For more info on creating a Social Networking Policy in your organisation visit our partners at Wave Human Resources.


It’s just not fair…or is it?

Employees are not automatically entitled to pay if unable to get to work because of bad weather but is there a cost to staff moral if they aren't paid?

When the weather makes it difficult to travel, employers and employees should consider how this could impact on the workplace. There is no legal right for staff to be paid by an employer for travel delays (unless the travel itself is constituted as working time or in some situations where the employer provides the transport). However, employers may have contractual, collective or custom and practice arrangements in place for this. Discretionary payment for travel disruption might also be of use. Some organisations offer discretionary payments for travel disruption or have their own informal arrangements for this purpose. Such arrangements are normally contained in staff contracts or handbooks or through collective agreements.



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almost 9 years ago


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