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A very merry Christmas to Santa’s real life helpers

As I am sure you know we are very keen on recognising the quality of the work done by our candidates here at 24-7 Staffing. For example, we have been very forthright this year on the subject of wages reflecting the skills of our workers and we are very active on improving standards through our work with the freight transport association.

As the festive season approaches we are probably all looking forward to a few days off where we will eat, drink and be merry with family and friends. For some, however, the Christmas period is just another series of working days. While the rest of us are making merry there are a large number of workers that keep the country running and safe so that we can all enjoy the fun. 

We tend to think of the people that do a great job of keeping our public services open at Christmas. Our hospitals are staffed by dedicated medical professionals that we know, should they be needed, will be there to look after us. The police will be on the beat and the fire service and ambulance drivers will all be standing by in case we need them. They do a great job and, of course, we should be thankful they are there for us.

There are many others that work through the festivities, though. According to the TUC, figures for recent years show there has been a marked increase in the number of people working at Christmas. It’s only when you start to consider how much effort goes into keeping things running during the holidays that you begin to realise why this is.

The hospitality industry is far from taking a rest during December and needs a constant supply of staff from mangers to waiters, while train, taxi and PCV drivers will be out in force making sure the transport keeps rolling.

In our care homes an army of workers throughout the country will still be looking after their charges, ensuring that the people in their care have a good time and are looked after properly.

Hospitals will be full of porters, cleaners, cooks, administrators and all the other support roles that ensure the emergency services function.  Many IT support services will still be running and trained operators will be ensuring that the job gets done.

I could go on because the list is almost endless when you come to think about it. From the back room people that keep the infrastructure running to the people serving Christmas lunch at the local pub there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who toil away while most of us party and have fun.

You could argue that this is part of the job; Yes they may well get a few extra pounds for the work and I am certain that most employers do their best to ensure that their staff get their fair share of time off. However, a few pounds extra and a delayed Christmas dinner can be cold comfort for missing out on most of the fun.

So this year we would like to say Merry Christmas to all our workers but to those who will be working through the holidays we would also like to say something extra.

Thank you – we appreciate your hard work and dedication.

 Have a great Christmas everyone!

Published by Harvey

over 8 years ago


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