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Here are just 7 reasons for choosing an independent recruitment agency

1.    Quality of service – This is understandably top of the list for most businesses. Independent recruiters are invested in their business and are not just a product of the training manual. This fosters quality and supports a focus on customer service.

2.    Choice – This may not immediately spring to mind, but chain store recruiters have no investment in who they are dealing with. An independent recruitment agency is more likely to be selective about their candidates and even their clients. In our case, we only supply the very best to clients that we feel we can really help.

3.    Informed consultants – Clients’ businesses are specialised, and so are independent recruiters. The ability to focus on the needs of the client means that the person looking after the client is more knowledgeable about the market.

4.    Understanding client needs – It is an odd thought that a recruiter can offer to supply staff for you without knowing what you do. Not only are our staff informed about your business, but they are highly experienced, and often specially trained. For example, some of our consultants have industry specific training such as CPC and REC qualifications as well as years of sector experience. It means that when you are looking for staff we can see things from your side of the desk.

5.    Steady growth – Independence doesn’t mean that there is no expansion. We have grown steadily at around 25% a year since we opened over 10 years ago. We've achieved this growth by being local and focused, not by simply plonking an office down in every town.

6.    Market specialisms – Rather than being a shop window for multiple areas, an independent recruitment agency will usually be highly knowledgeable about a specific market sector - in our case, this is transport, logistics, industrial and care. 

7.    Company ethos and culture – In the final analysis, this area probably underpins all of the others. The recruiter you do business with can either be driven by a head office with a culture based on expansion and a ‘bums on seats’ mentality. Or, you can have one that is independent, locally knowledgeable and most importantly, invested in an ethos and culture that are focused on the client and the candidate.

It stands to reason that every business is individual and therefore the approach to how we recruit our staff needs careful consideration if you value these relationships. So let me state loud and clear that at 24-7 Staffing, we are very much an independent recruitment agency providing high levels of service, and that we are proud of that fact. We are proud to be independent because we are proud of our candidates, proud of our service, proud of our local area and proud to be helping your business.

Published by Harvey

over 7 years ago


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