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Ensuring The Highest Standard – The Driver Accreditation Scheme


Here at 24-7 staffing we are totally committed to one principle that underpins everything we do.  It’s a simple thing and yet it is one of the most powerful and important aspects to our service.  It is high standards.

We do however appreciate that saying we have high standards and showing we have high standards are two different things.  So we work constantly to ensure that we are part of a dedicated and professional sector of the UK industry.

It is with real pleasure that we are supporting the Freight Transport Association’s newly introduced Driver Accreditation Scheme (DAS).

The DAS, which launched on the 6th of February, is designed to ensure that organisations that strive to achieve the highest levels of quality and compliance are recognised, verifying to employees and clients that driver agencies are promoting good practices.  Additionally, the scheme seeks to reduce corporate and operational risk and highlight, through an audit process, any areas of ineffectiveness or non-compliance.

Our Managing Director, Julian Thompson, has been privileged to be a part of this process and is keen to ensure that clients have the assurance that the consultants they deal with have a full understanding of the legislation and practices involved in driving their vehicles.  As Julian often reminds us, this industry is not about getting someone behind the wheel, it’s about knowing the legislation and practices that make a good agency.

By introducing the Driver Accreditation the FTA hope to set a benchmark by which to measure the standards of service.  As Senior Traffic Commissioner Beverly Bell says:

“Driver agencies provide a vital service to the commercial vehicle industry but the standards of service currently provided vary tremendously.  I am encouraged by the new FTA initiative to set up an accreditation scheme that will not only promote but also monitor high standards of service thereby enabling operators to ensure that their operator licence compliance is not compromised in any way.  As regulators traffic commissioners reinforce the principles of road safety and fair competition and so we always welcome new initiatives from within the industry to achieve better standards.”

We agree wholeheartedly and would encourage everyone to see the Accredited Driver Agency logo as being the mark of the underpinning ethos that we adopt here at 24-7 staffing.


The logo simply means that the bearer can be trusted to adhere to legislative and industry practices and to provide consistent, high standards.

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about 7 years ago