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Advantages of temping


The area of the country we operate in is a wild ride sometimes. We have businesses ranging from small independent traders, through to multinationals, and just about everything in between. They all have different demands and need the right people to continue to thrive.

In some cases, this means using temporary staff, as it provides the most sensible, cost effective convenient option.

For many of our candidates, this need for temporary work provides the perfect potential placement to fit their chosen lifestyle. The bottom line is that some candidates have many reasons for not wanting to be on a permanent contract, and not everyone likes the 9 to 5. For others, personal life circumstances make some job roles difficult or impossible to maintain. In fact, it is quite common for people to specifically choose to temp as an option to allow them to lead the life they want without being tied down to regular contracts.

So here are five positives to temping

  • Short term commitment. Temping is usually for a fixed period so that means you can plan extended projects before and after them. Some people go travelling or look to start their own ventures and use temp work to fund their activities. Others may be parents or carers who need to be able to work but also still maintain health care or child care commitments.

  • New experiences. Getting involved in varied workplaces can get you experience of a lot of different industries. If you are someone who thrives on meeting new people and taking on new challenges, then it could be perfect for you.

  • Boosting income for a specific purpose. We deal with a lot of candidates who do temporary work as a way to save up some extra money or to help fund other areas of their lives. A lot of people who are building their own business will also temp for a while to help keep the finances stable.

  • New skills. Why not consider temporary work in areas you have previously little or no experience. Most jobs, no matter how temporary, will contain an element of training for a new skill or can boost your experience. That can be a real help on a CV.

  • A potential career. It’s not uncommon for someone to start as a temp and then become part of the full-time staff. Many even make an unexpected career from their temping job. You never know when a few weeks will show off your skills or open up a new career option for you.

Temporary working may not be for everyone, and it has its ups and downs, but it can also be a really great way to control your working life by choosing when and where you want to be available for work.


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almost 6 years ago