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Jumping the shark – Why you should make a considered move and not just jump!

There were a few articles around this week about how difficult it is to go back to work after the Christmas and New Year festivities. There seems to be something about this period that really changes the way we look at our working lives. There are other extended holidays, Easter and of course many of us will take a couple of weeks off at some point for a summer holiday, but we seem to return from them more relaxed, invigorated and ready to work not reluctantly as we often do in the new year.

I suspect it may be because the Christmas period gives us a sort of unreal world of constant celebration. It’s a period where we ignore the consequences and live on a diet of chocolate and Prosecco. Where eating mince pies for breakfast, then moving on to second breakfast of quality street and a bacon sandwich is acceptable practice. It’s no wonder we don’t want to give it up.

So, it’s understandable feeling a little bit down when it ends, and the reality of back to work comes knocking. For some of us though that feeling of post-Christmas reluctance can turn into a serious desire to move on. The new year is all about change and resolutions, so naturally we take a good look at ourselves and our work life as our MD did in his (I did recently in my) recent reflections and New Year’s blog.

If you are tempted to move on and look for a new career we are happy to help, but, and this is the important thing, you need to separate the post-Christmas dip and the new year upheaval from the actual aims of your career. There is a great phrase from the television industry that sums this up. When a TV show is beginning to look tired, and it is in need of a boost, the producers will sometimes make a radical change or produce a big blockbuster episode. They call this ‘Jumping the shark’, and it rarely works. More often than not it is a mistake because the upheaval of a sudden change does more harm than good.

If you are looking at your career in the cold January morning and thinking you need a change, then you probably do need to explore your options. It may be that you really do need to move on, but that is something that you should plan for properly and is unlikely to happen overnight. Call in or call us up and have a chat before you make a move. We will look at your options and together we can work on a development plan that will work for you.

Jumping sharks rarely works, but planning and a considered career development move, certainly will.

Happy New Year and best of luck for 2017!

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

over 5 years ago


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