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A Day in the Life of a Carer

Our caring team has a reputation in the industry for its commitment to high standards and best practice. We are proudly represented by quality carers who provide consistent, compassionate care.

What's the key to our success in the healthcare sector? It's all about the people:

  • The healthcare workers we take on, who have both a real vocation for caring combined with hands on experience
  • Expert  consultants who ensure our workers are happy, well trained and fully briefed
  • The service users they care for, whose wellbeing and best interests are at the heart of everything the team does

Amy* is a carer we've placed in both residential and supported living settings. Here, she gives an account of what an average day looks like for a 24-7 Staffing carer.

 “At the moment, I’m providing one-to-one care for a young woman, Mary*, with severe learning difficulties. This is my favourite kind of caring job, because it’s quite varied and I get to know the client well. Mary lives in her own home, so I’m there to support her day-to-day life and make sure there’s stimulation and enjoyment in her day.

Before I started the placement, I talked with my consultant about Mary’s needs and her likes and dislikes. I went along with her previous carer on a ‘shadow shift’ – where I was there to observe and Mary got a chance to meet me and to see whether I’d be a good fit for supporting her. We got on really well!

Starting the Day

I arrive at Mary’s house at 8 o’ clock. I assist her with any necessary personal care and making breakfast. She really enjoys the routine of preparing this meal so we enjoy a good chat while following the structure I’ve got to know she likes. I then ensure Mary takes her medication in the right doses. One of my 24-7 Staffing training modules was in Medication Awareness, so I’m comfortable administering  this. 


It’s important to make time during the day to do some general cleaning and tidying. Housework is something that our clients often find difficult to keep on top of by themselves, so we make sure the home is in good order and that laundry and washing up is done.

Going Out

Some days, I escort Mary to the Day Centre to take part in activities she’s interested in. There are brilliant varied groups that range from computer and internet use workshops to Zumba! On other days, we might just go out for a coffee or a walk. It’s really nice to support clients in getting out for a change of scene and some interaction, because it benefits them so much.


I help prepare a nutritious meal for lunch and sometimes plan for a balanced dinner by taking Mary shopping for healthy ingredients. A balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle so I really try to support Mary in eating well. My training included Food Hygiene and I’m careful to follow hygienic procedures and to encourage Mary to do the same.


Mary absolutely loves doing puzzles, so we often spend a peaceful hour or so working on one together. As a carer, it’s my duty to find out what my client enjoys and to facilitate that (even if it’s something I don’t necessarily really enjoy myself!).


When I handover to Mary’s next carer, I let them know how she’s doing that day: what kind of mood she’s in, how she’s feeling health-wise, what she’s eaten and what we’ve done.

Even when it’s been a challenging shift, I go home feeling good about my day. It is so rewarding supporting lovely people like Mary in having positive and fulfilling day-to-day experiences.”

*Names changed to protect identity

As well as the feel-good factor of caring, our carers enjoy many benefits, including:

  • 7 modules of social care training and opportunities for specialist training, e.g. epilepsy care from the Royal Epilepsy Society
  • Varied opportunities in a range of local residential care homes and supported living establishments
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Permanent and temporary flexible shift patterns to suit them
  • Excellent rates of pay, including holiday pay
  • An experienced healthcare  consultant to guide and represent them

If you’re the type of carer that wants to make a difference and this sounds good to you, please get in touch or check out our healthcare jobs board.


Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

almost 5 years ago


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