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Our little guide to the office Christmas party

It may be a little bit early to start ho-ho-hoing, but already businesses will have been booking the venues for their Christmas parties. It really won’t be that long until we get out our party finery, get into the festive spirit and let our hair down.

But before you get too carried away with the season of good cheer, here are a few dos and don’ts from the team here at 24-7 Staffing, on how to successfully traverse the office party.

The office Christmas party – dos and don’ts

DO remember that even though you are at a party, you are still representing your company and you are subject to your contract of employment. So if you do anything that contravenes the general code or expected standards of behaviour, you could be subject to disciplinary proceedings. In extreme cases, your job may be at risk.

DO drink in moderation. Drinking too much lowers our inhibitions and we may say and do things we regret later. See above!

DO avoid gossip. Christmas parties can light the touch-paper for grudges and rifts, and arguments may well be aired. Steer clear and walk away.

DON’T overstep the mark. The press is full of stories currently of sexual harassment cases. What to one person seems like innocent flirting, can to another be very distressing. So behave carefully and appropriately.

DON’T dance inappropriately. Let your hair down and have a bop, but avoid twerking and any other embarrassing dancing. Remember, you will need to face your colleagues again in the morning. But dad dancing is fine!

DO book transport home, unless you are staying over. Book your cab well in advance, and never get into a cab unless you are sure it is the one you ordered, and from an authorised rank – the driver will have your details.

DON’T offer a lift to strangers, you could be putting yourself into a vulnerable position.

DON’T let strangers into your room, if you are staying over and don’t let other people have your room number or keycard.

DO keep an eye on your personal belongings. Christmas party venues are the perfect opportunity for walk-in thieves.

Finally DO have a brilliant time. The office party is something to look forward to enjoy and if you follow our guidelines there’s sno-ow way anything will go wrong!



Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

over 4 years ago


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