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Spare a thought for the Christmas workforce

As you tuck into your Christmas turkey, gather around the tree to tear into your presents and sit in front of the Queen’s Speech (awake or not) spare a thought for the men and women who are giving up their Christmas Day to work.

For most of us, the Christmas period means rest and relaxation, the chance to wind down and be merry. But for others it’s business as usual.

Among those who are working hard, and making sure others have a great Christmas, are our care workers. They are helping looking after elderly and infirm people in care homes across the region, and making their Christmas just a little better.

On Boxing Day, there will be the usual rush to the sales and behind the tills and stocking the shelves will be the nation’s army of retail workers. Without them, the sales just wouldn’t happen.

Out on the roads will be hundreds of lorry drivers making sure goods arrive to the right people, in the right places at the right time. Without the road transport network, our shop shelves would soon be pretty bare.

Thinking of popping down the pub, or even having Christmas lunch out? If you do, spare a thought for the thousands of hospitality staff – the chefs, the waiters, the bar staff – who make your Christmas an enjoyable one.

And if Christmas doesn’t go according to plan, and you need medical treatment, or if you’re in hospital over Christmas, then let’s give a big shout out to the doctors, nurses, clinicians, paramedics … in fact, all the fantastic people who keep our health services running 24-7.

Police officers, fire fighters, ambulance crews, the men and women who staff the sports grounds while we watch the Boxing Day fixtures ... there are thousands upon thousands of people who work over Christmas.

So thanks to all of them. Your hard work is really appreciated.

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

over 4 years ago


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