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Rush hour: less rush, more stop-start!

We all know that the rush hour in Britain is getting busier – our drivers tell us so and we see it with our own eyes – but even we were surprised by a startling statistic that came out earlier this month.

Did you know, motorists in London spent an average of 74 hours – that’s more than three days – stuck in rush hour traffic during 2017? This is up an hour from 2016.

In other cities, the picture is similar, with drivers spending more than a day in rush hour traffic.

After London, the next worse is Manchester, following by Lincoln and then Birmingham, according to Inrix, which produces data on traffic.

What does congestion mean for drivers?

The researchers looking into the increasingly busy rush hour – which it classed as 6-9am and 4-7pm on weekdays - and the cost per driver, including wasted fuel and working time, is £1,168.

Graham Cookson, chief economist for Inrix, said: “Combined with the rising price of motoring, the cost of congestion is astonishing - it takes billions out of the economy and impacts businesses and individuals alike.”

We know the Department for Transport is investing in road schemes, but it seems our love for the car is outpacing this investment.

What’s the answer? One solution could be the introduction of more car share schemes, and better promotion of those that do exist. Try Carshare.Liftshare to see if there is a scheme that could work for you.

We’ve blogged before about the problems of road congestion, and how some of it could be avoided. And we’ve also talked about how you should always go prepared, particularly if you are setting out on a long journey – you can read our top tips here.

In the meantime, take heart from the fact that London is by no means the most congested. It came seventh in the global league table, which was topped by Los Angeles, where rush hour drivers are stuck for an average of 102 hours a year in their cars!

If you love driving as much as we do, and you’re not fazed by a busy rush hour or congestion, then a career in driving could be for you. Check out our vacancies here or get in touch with the team to chat about your prospects.


Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

over 4 years ago


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