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Learning needn’t mean going back to school

When most of us think of learning we think of school, or college or university. Days filled with sitting at a desk or in a library studying.

But learning applies equally to the workplace. We don’t mean just learning how to our jobs, but how to continue to learn to develop as people, so we contribute not only to our workplace but to our communities.

This is a philosophy we firmly believe in here at 24-7 Staffing, so we are delighted that this week, from May 14 to 20, is official Learning at Work Week, an annual event run by the Campaign for Learning.

How we support learning at 24-7 Staffing

We invested in a high end training software, to help our team of recruiters develop their skills. Every internal recruit works their way through a bespoke training package, covering all aspects of the recruitment industry as well as internal company processes and systems. This strategy gives our staff a strong career path, where they can progress towards more senior roles.

We are also working closely with a brilliant recruitment training consultant, Jeremy Snell, who is not only helping to develop our managers and aspiring managers, but helping them to support and develop their own teams.

Training and development isn’t limited to our own employees. We invest in supporting learning for our candidates, whether that is driver training or healthcare training, depending on which sector they hope to work in. Here, we often work in partnership with other agencies, such as Wiltshire Transport Training & Development.

One of our five key values is ‘people power’, because we firmly believe that learning forms an integral part of our business. We know by investing in training, for our staff and also for our candidates, we build their confidence, enabling them to become more effective. We embrace people who are open to change and willing to learn.

As the Campaign for Learning says, “we are likely to be healthier, happier, longer living and wealthier if we are active learners. We benefit as individuals, but learning beyond school also has wide-ranging and immeasurable benefits for our families and communities, our working lives, society and the economy”.

If you are interested in a role where you get to learn and develop as an individual, or if you are an employer looking for talented individuals who embrace continuing professional development as part of the workplace, then please get in touch with the team here at 24-7 Staffing.



Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

about 4 years ago


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