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Recruitment is changing – can business keep up?

We’re living in a digital world, and even though the Internet is a little over a quarter of a century old, we can barely remember how we managed without it.

We do so much online, and recruitment is no exception. We, as recruiters, need to use digital data and searches to help find the best candidates for our clients.

But new advances in technology – such as AI (artificial intelligence) and the recently launched Google for Jobs – are bringing changes to our sector.

As a modern recruitment company, 24-7 Staffing are in a great position to keep abreast of these advances. But if you’re an employer, operating your own recruitment process, you might need to make a few changes – maybe even consider taking on a recruitment company, just to keep up.

AI and recruitment

AI is having a big impact, because algorithm-based searches can be used to find candidates and match them to the jobs, based on their CVs and what they are doing online.

Where for years recruiters and employers have trawled through paper-based CVs, this makes a big difference.

But AI can only go so far. It may throw up some ‘ideal’ candidates, but it won’t be able to replace that personal touch needed to establish if the person is a match. Recruitment is, after all, a people business and it takes people and personal contact to really assess whether or not someone is right for a role. At 24-7 Staffing, our strapline ‘perfectly placed people’ is there for a reason!

Google for Jobs

Launched recently in the UK, this is a new service from Google which aims to connect job-seekers with relevant vacancies in their area. With 30 per cent of online searches being job-hunting related, it’s hardly surprising that Google is jumping on the bandwagon.

Some national recruitment businesses have tied their listings into the Google for Jobs facility, which claims to be able to offer the “freshest and most relevant” openings based on a user’s location when they type relevant terms into Google search.

At 24-7 Staffing, we’ve looked at this with interest, and regard it as another useful tool for job-seekers among the many online search facilities out there. Again, we know that the personal touch – building relationships with clients and candidates and placing the right people in the right roles – is a service that simply can’t be digitalised.

If you’re a business looking for staff – and with such a low unemployment rate, there are many vacancies out there that need filling – or if you are a job-seeker, then AI and Google for Jobs could be useful aids.

But adding a personal service, building relationships and matching candidates to roles, so that recruitment is a successful process and not a numbers game, is ultimately the domain of a good recruitment company – like ours!

If you’d like to chat about filling vacancies at your business, or if you are looking for a new role or career, please get in touch with the team here at 24-7 Staffing.

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

almost 4 years ago


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