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Is the Christmas Spirit alive in your workplace?

Christmas is all about giving: giving presents, giving Season’s Greetings, giving hugs to our friends and family.

And charities, too, benefit at Christmas more than any other time, as the season of goodwill encourages people to be generous and to dig deep.

At 24-7 Staffing, we’re doing a little giving of our own. Instead of our usual office Secret Santa, we’re each bringing in £10 worth of food to donate to the Wiltshire charity, Doorway, which helps homeless people.

How to give at Christmas

If you’re an employer or an employee, and you’re feeling full of Christmas cheer and want to spread a little happiness by giving, here are some easy ways you can do so:

  1. Donate to a charity instead of sending Christmas cards, as we will be doing for our regular company charity Business Against Poverty again this year.
  2. Many supermarkets have a food bank donation box near the checkouts, so when you’re shopping, add a few extra items to your trolley that you can pop in.
  3. If you have an employee or colleague taking part in a sponsored event, you can support them by pledging to donate.
  4. Give a portion of your December sales to a worthy cause.
  5. Sign up for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day on December 15 – it’ll brighten the office and help a great cause.
  6. Run a fundraising event. This could be as elaborate as a Christmas bazaar, or just a simple mince pie and coffee morning in the office.
  7. Do some volunteering. Some employers will allow staff time off to do charitable work; at 24-7 Staffing, we are sponsors of Business Against Poverty and have been happy to support staff who help BAP.

Our business is also based on giving: giving people access to great new work opportunities and giving employers access to a talented pool of candidates. Of course, we do this all year round, not just at Christmas.

If you’re looking for new opportunities, why not try our job search? If you’d like to chat to the team here at 24-7 Staffing, please get in touch or pop in to see us at one of our branches in Chippenham, Salisbury and Bristol.

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

over 3 years ago


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