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All about Valentine’s Day

This Thursday, it’s the annual event for all those couples out there – Valentine’s Day. The first, big celebration of the year since Christmas, and one where a flurry of “Will you marry me’s?” and “I do’s” will be uttered.

So, if you have a few moments to spare in your work coffee break or lunch hour, here are a few fun facts you might want to read, all about Valentine’s Day.

Everything you wanted to know about Valentine’s Day

  • In 1537, King Henry VII officially declared February 14 as the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day – and it has stuck ever since.
  • The red rose was the favourite flower of Venus – the Roman goddess of love. By the way, most florists will increase the cost of their flowers, especially roses, by approximately 30% during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Also…
  • Around 110 million Valentine’s roses are sold in the days leading up to February 14, mostly red of course.  Out of those 110 million, 73% are purchased by men and only 27% are purchased by women
  • The Duke of Orleans sent the earliest Valentine’s card to his wife, whilst he was a prisoner in the Tower of London, in the 15th century.
  • Around one billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged across the world each year, making it the second largest card sending time of the year after Christmas.
  • It has been estimated that the UK will spend around £880 million on Valentine’s Day. 
  • A tradition began in the Middle Ages where men and women would draw names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would then wear the piece of paper on their sleeve for a week.
  • Richard Cadbury (founder of chocolate makers Cadbury) first gave chocolates to his beloved in a heart-shaped box in 1868.
  • Women are more inclined to buy cards than men for this romantic day, men preferring to buy flowers and chocolates.
  • At least 9 million people buy their pets a gift on Valentine’s Day.
  • In 2014 an Arizona jail inmate was reported to have climbed two walls and crawled through razor wire to spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend.

And, as we’re in the recruitment business, let’s think about the best jobs to have on Valentine’s Day. Obviously florists, card-makers, and chocolatiers do very well. We could also include restaurateurs and jewellers in that list. Or maybe even a heart surgeon, if the one you love breaks your heart?

Unfortunately, at 24-7 Staffing we don’t have too many vacancies for heart surgeons (or jewellers or chocolatiers, for that matter). But what we DO have is a wide range of jobs in our specialist sectors - driving, commercial, healthcare and industrial - and a very experienced team who will be able to advise you on how to draw up your CV, prepare for a job interview, and help you land your dream role.

Like the sound of 24-7 Staffing? You can check out our current vacancies here or get in touch with our team.

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

over 3 years ago


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