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Free training will help carers develop their skills and their careers

health care assistant talking to a lady in a wheelchair.

A whole suite of free training courses has become available for carers who want to increase their skills and further their careers. 

The courses, available from N&B Training Company, cover a whole host of skills such as dementia care, end of life care and mental health awareness, and can be completed online in approximately eight weeks. 

At 24-7 Staffing, where we put people at the heart of everything we do, we're keen to support any training which helps develop our candidates, and already we have candidates planning to sign up. 

Completing any one of the courses, which are NCFE accredited, gives the candidate a level 2 NVQ equivalent. The courses are free, subject to the course being completed; failing to complete a course carries a £100 administration fee that must be borne by the candidate. 

We are also talking about the courses to our care home clients, as many of their own staff will be interested in learning new skills, exploring areas of interest and enhancing their career prospects. 

Zoe Miller, one of our recruitment consultants on our Chippenham care desk, said quality training was a key component in having a successful career in care. 

"Many of our carers would like to have more training and of course they have the option of attending college or learning on the job," said Zoe, who worked in care for ten years before she switched to recruitment. "These courses represent a third option and they are appealing not just because they are free - providing they are completed - but because they can be done online, in the candidate's own time and take just eight weeks on average."

"These courses will be invaluable to carers who perhaps want to move on to a senior carer level, or for those who work in care in their holidays, such as university students. They may also appeal to our care home managers, who are looking at ways to develop their care teams." 

Focus on carers

The launch of these courses dovetails very nicely with National Carers Week, which runs from 10 - 16 June and is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK, who do such a wonderful job of looking after their loved ones. 

The carers we place through 24-7 Staffing are paid - it is their career and their calling - but we need to take a moment to remember the many thousands of unpaid carers, in Wiltshire and across the UK, who do such a wonderful job of looking after their loved ones. 

The need for good carers - paid or unpaid - is only likely to increase. Wiltshire has the third largest older population, with 100,000 of its 475,000 residents aged over 65 - a figure projected to rise by around 25% in the next five years. 

The demand in our county for carers is high and at 24-7 Staffing, we always have care roles we can fill. 

For information on care vacancies across Wiltshire, or more details of the N&B Training Company courses, email healthcare@24-7Staffing.co.uk or check out our care division information or our jobs board. 


Published by Courtney

about 3 years ago


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