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10 tips to get you through the Interview

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There's a great feeling you get when you get shortlisted for an interview - your application has shone through over the many others, but then it suddenly dawns on you... you still need to get through the dreaded interview! 

Interviews can be really intimidating and it's usually because you (and the employer) are not sure what to expect... but interviews can be practised, and we know that preparation and confidence is the key to success. 

Below are some tips to help you get prepared for a winning interview;

1. Research - make sure you research the industry and company. Knowing the basic company values and company strategy can really help give you the edge, and employers will be impressed by your commitment to research the company. 

2. Prepare for common interview questions - there's nothing worse than getting asked a question that you're not sure how to answer but it's bound to happen. If you can prepare answers for common interview questions, it will take the pressure off. If you get asked a question you aren't prepared for, take a breath, compose yourself and answer the question your ability.

3. Prepare questions for the interviewer - not asking the interviewer any questions at the end of an interview can make you seem uninterested in the job. Ask some questions about the role, the company and anything else you may want to find out. If they've already answered the questions you had prepared, just confirm the details. 

4. Practice - don't be afraid to practice being interviewed, either with another person or in the mirror. This can help you build confidence.

5. Dress for the job you want - make sure you look smart to make a good first impression. Even if the job role requires you to wear overalls, coming to an interview in a suit or smart attire shows you can dress appropriately for the occasion. 

6. Think positive! 

7. Body language speaks 1000 words - sit up straight, keep eye contact, and be relaxed. You'll make a better first impression. 

8. Be yourself - don't ever lie about who you are or what your skill set is just to get a job. There is value in being you, so just be honest, persevere and the right role will find you. 

9. If you don't get the job, send a thank you note and ask for feedback. This will help you improve for your next interview. 

10. Most importantly, don't give up! 

Getting invited to an interview is the second half of the battle, to get there you need a brilliant, stand out CV. We've written a blog which includes some great tips for CV writing and a useful CV template you can download for free. 

If you're looking for your next career move or some extra work around your current job, take a look at our jobs or get in touch with a member of our friendly team by calling 0800 7830247. 

Published by Courtney

about 3 years ago


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