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What a dancing man can teach us about leadership

two people stood at the top of a peak holding out a hand to help the third person to the top.

It can't be too often that the video of a shirtless man dancing inspires a blog but, believe it or not, this is exactly what is happening here. 

A video called Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy sums up in three minutes how to inspire followers and create a team. 

Here's what happens. A shirtless man starts dancing on a hillside, with music playing in the background. He's on his own and appearing faintly ridiculous. While others sit around watching him, one brave soul decides to join in, so 'dancing man' shows him the simple moves.

Now two men are dancing on a hill, doing the same dance, with equal competence, and status, while others look on. 

The first follower encourages others to take part. A second man joins them and now the three dancers are looking less daft! Others gradually jump up and join in, becoming part of the movement. Eventually, it is the remaining bystanders who look like the odd ones out. 

Finally, when his work is done, the dancing man walks away, and his movement carries on. That, we believe, is a great example of leadership and how to create a following. 

Aspiring leaders and the recruitment sector

At 24-7 Staffing, we're equally committed to inspiring our team and our potential leaders. We invested in a valuable recruitment training programme, to help our team of recruiters develop their skills. Every internal recruit works their way through a bespoke training package, covering all aspects of the recruitment industry as well as internal company processes and systems. This strategy gives our staff a strong career path, where they can progress towards more senior roles. 

This year alone, we have been supporting three of the team - Marc, Josh and Belinda - as we nurture them to be future leaders able to master the 24-7 Staffing moves. 

One of our five key values is 'people power' because we firmly believe that learning forms an integral part of our business. We know by investing in training for our staff and for our candidates, we build their confidence, enabling them to become more effective and perform their roles to a higher standard. We embrace people who are open to change and willing to learn. 

We lead by example and we are encouraging our aspiring managers to do the same. 

If you are interested in a role where you get to learn and develop as an individual, or if you are an employer looking for talented individuals who embrace continuing professional development as part of the workplace, then please get in touch with the team here at 24-7 Staffing. 

Published by Courtney

almost 3 years ago


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