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Summer Inspiration: are you job-hunting after the holidays?

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If you're lying on the beach this summer, or perhaps having a staycation, you might find it a good time to think about your career and what you want from your working life. After all, on average we spend 30 years of our lives working, so it makes sense to get it right. 

When we get off the treadmill for a week or two for a summer break, we often find the time we don't normally have to take a more strategic view of life: what we want, what we don't want, what our goals and aspirations are. 

Many of us may use this to think about our careers and ask ourselves how we want to develop them, to climb the ladder or - in some cases - to change career altogether. 

So, if you're one of those who had a lightbulb moment on holiday and has now decided to do a little job hunting or have a change of career, here are our tips on how to go about it. 

Tips for finding the perfect job for you

What do you like doing?

If this isn't too obvious a thing to say, decide what job you want to do. Before you even start looking at vacancies, write down what you like doing, what you don't like doing and what your skills are, and see how and where they might apply. Otherwise, you may find yourself trying to shoehorn your character and skillset into a job description which simply isn't right for you. 

What are you good at? 

Develop your list of skills, but don't just focus on exam passes and qualifications, and skills you have picked up on-the-job. Look, too, at what you are personally skilled in and good at doing. This is important, because you may have all the perfect characteristics and traits for a job or career you have not yet worked in, but don't have the practical experience. For example, at 24-7 Staffing, some of our candidates may be new to a sector - such as healthcare - but they need training, which can be provided.  

What jobs are out there? 

Once you have a firm idea of the type of job you want to go into, and what sort of jobs you are suited for in terms of skills and personality, then start checking the vacancies. You could look at jobs boards online and by calling agencies, like our 24-7 Staffing team. Your local Jobcentre Plus is another good starting point. 

Don't limit yourself to looking solely at job advertisements. You may have a strong idea of the type of company you want to work for - perhaps even some named companies - and there is nothing wrong with approaching them directly.

While most businesses will advertise vacancies, many also have a policy of being open to speculative approaches. We even know of businesses which, if the right person comes along, will create a position for them. If you believe you are the perfect fit for a particular role or organisation, they may well agree and at the very least invite you in for an interview. As the saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained! 

Put out feelers

Again, as well as looking at job vacancies, ask around. You may know someone in the profession or career you want to get into, and they may be well placed to advise you on potential vacancies or opportunities. Use your network of family and friends to find out what is available. 

One valuable tool for this is LinkedIn. If you aren't on it, you should be; think of it as a little like Facebook for professionals. You can use it for researching companies and their employees; you can look at your own connections and see if, via them, you can get introductions to that dream employer. The basic, free version should give you all you need to get started. 

In this digital age, we are all very wedded to the Internet and online searches but don't forget that old-fashioned method of picking up the phone. A simple phone call could be all that stands between you and your dream job. Plus, by phoning you are showing initiative and that you've taken the harder route. Again, LinkedIn can be a good place to find who the right person to contact is; start with their HR/personnel teams or the manager who heads up the department where your ideal role is located. 


If you have been lying on that beach and have finally realised what your dream job is, stay focused and don't give up. You may be lucky and land something straight away, but it could take a little time. Persevere, perhaps apply for work experience or an internship in the area so you show your dedication and firm up your skills. Also, remember that you will have to really put in the time and the donkeywork to finding your dream role - it will almost certainly take more than the occasional browse online over a cup of coffee. As they say, jobhunting can be a marathon rather than a sprint. 

If you are looking for a new employment challenge for after your summer holidays, please get in touch with the team here at 24-7 Staffing and we'd be delighted to help. We specialise in the driving, commercial, healthcare and industrial sectors and have a wide range of opportunities for enthusiastic candidates. 

Give a member of our team a call to find out how they can help you find your next dream job by calling 0800 7830247 today! 

Published by Courtney

almost 3 years ago


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