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Why compliance is essential for recruitment practise

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Compliance is a word that is bandied around frequently in the commercial world. Many sectors are subject to rules and regulations and they are there for a reason. While some may find the issue of compliance frustrating, it is an area not to be ignored.

The recruitment sector is no exception. Reputable recruitment agencies – such as 24-7 Staffing – will ensure that compliance is followed to the letter and is ingrained in everything we do as a core value of the business.  

For example, one of our specialist areas is the driving sector. Here, we must ensure drivers we place with our clients have the relevant qualifications and a current driving licence.

We carry out a DVLA check every three months for all our drivers, to ascertain none have incurred any penalty points or motoring convictions; of course, we would expect our drivers to inform us themselves if this is the case, but for us, this is belt and braces.

Every six months, we also ask our drivers to sign and date a declaration that they are fit to drive. This ensures any medical conditions they may have developed, that prevent them from driving, are flagged up.

Similarly, compliance is an important factor in the healthcare sector, which we also specialise in. Different care settings have different requirements in terms of qualifications. At 24-7 Staffing, we insist all candidates we place have at least three months’ experience in care and meet the minimum requirements of our own, mandatory training syllabus. We also ensure all are DBS checked and we carry out a fresh DBS check on all our healthcare candidates annually.

Within our third and fourth specialist areas – industrial and commercial – there will be areas of compliance that we must ensure our candidates meet before placing them. For example, if we place a forklift truck driver, we will check they have an up-to-date qualification.

Our approach to compliance

At 24-7 Staffing, we have a dedicated Compliance Manager, Jo Weir, who oversees our compliance. Indeed, for an independent recruiter of our size, we are unusual in having our own compliance manager.

It falls to Jo to ensure not only that all candidates are compliant when they start a role, but that compliance is maintained. This means she oversees everything from reminding candidates they need to renew a passport to ensuring DBS and DVLA checks are carried out.

Right to Work regulations represent an important area of compliance. At 24-7 Staffing, we interview all our candidates face-to-face, so we can be completely sure that the person we are placing is the person we have seen. We scrupulously check their documents and take copies which are electronically stored.

Checking an applicant’s Right to Work

If you don’t use a recruitment partner and handle your own recruitment process, it is very important that you follow the government’s Right to Work process, to ensure you are compliant

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the applicant’s original documents
  • Check the applicant’s right to work online, if they have given you their share code.

If you are checking original documents you must ensure these are valid, with the applicant present. You must view the originals, make and keep copies and record the date you checked them.

You must check that:

  • the documents are genuine, original and unchanged, and belong to the person who has given them to you
  • the dates for the applicant’s right to work in the UK have not expired
  • photos are the same across all documents and look like the applicant
  • dates of birth are the same across all documents
  • the applicant has permission to do the type of work you’re offering (including any limit on the number of hours they can work)

For students, you need to see evidence of their study and vacation times.

If two documents give different names, you should ensure the applicant has supporting documents showing why they’re different – for example, they may have a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Of course, if you’d rather partner with a reputable recruiter, we can take this responsibility off your shoulders as well as save your precious time to focus on your core business. We are a leading independent recruitment company, with offices in Chippenham, Salisbury and Bristol. Get in touch with the team here at 24-7 Staffing today to find out how we can help you today by calling 0800 7830247.

Published by Courtney

almost 3 years ago


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