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Going Green…how we are making our office more environmentally friendly

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It is now becoming common practise for people to move towards being more environmentally friendly; with programmes such as Blue Planet, it is making people think about single-use plastics and finding reusable alternatives. With this in mind, we are now seeing these practises brought from home and into the office and we decided it was important to be a part of this movement.  

In early 2019, we started the mission of disposing of all our paper records and moving everything online to be digitally stored. Not only was this a GDPR exercise, to make sure all our data was current and up to date, but this was the first step in reducing our paper consumption. Some of this data includes timesheets we receive weekly, and after months of research, we are delighted to be moving to online timesheets in the new year.  

Online Timesheets coming soon  

For some time now, we have been trying to find an easier, more accurate, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timesheets and are delighted to finally be taking one step closer to that goal by moving over to digital timesheets in January 2020.  

Not only will digital timesheets help us take another step towards a more environmentally friendly workplace but there are also some very tangible benefits to both our clients and candidates.  

We have been researching various systems over the last six months to enable a smoother pay and billing system with an online portal providing clients with access to authorise candidates' hours and allow candidates to digitally input their hours rather than submit a paper timesheet. 

Increased accuracy and time savings for you  

The new system will mean clients can authorise candidate hours before an invoice is raised which will result in increased invoice accuracy with fewer queries or credits involved in the invoicing process. As soon as candidates' hours are submitted online, they can be authorised by the client in advance of payroll being processed; resulting in more accurate pay as well as eliminating time-consuming paperwork which may go missing. Candidates will be able to enter time worked via their mobiles or PC/Laptops and will be able to view previous timesheets and payslips via the online portal.  

We hope to launch the new online timesheet portal in February 2020 and you can keep up to date with the progress of this project with more information on our website or in our next newsletter. Thank you for your support with this important development in the meantime and if you have any questions please feel free to ask a member of our team.  

Next steps 

We’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment and plan to introduce digital advertising screens for vacancies across all our offices which will reduce our paper consumption and keep our adverts more up to date too and we’d love to hear your suggestions on ways we can go even greener?  

If you would like to work with an environmentally friendly recruitment business get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you by calling 0800 7830 247.  


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