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Julian Thompson reflections and goals for 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so when I flicked through a family photo album of the year just passed, my mind filled with a million’s words and stories of the year just passed. It’s amazing to see how much we have achieved together over the last year and I always think it’s important to take some time to pause at this time of year and reflect on life as well as think about my goals for 2020.

2019 Highlights 

We covered some major milestones this year including celebrating our 15th anniversary as a company which was a great moment to reflect on where we started back in 2004. Since then we have developed four sectors across the business including driving, industrial, healthcare and commercial with three offices in Salisbury, Bristol and our head office in Chippenham with premises we own. 

We took the step to change our CRM software in January 2019 with a view to support future growth in years to come and step two of this will take place this year as we roll out paperless time sheets, as well as streamline our back offices processes. While there were many benefits with the new system it certainly proved challenging getting everyone up to speed with it and there are still some areas we are bedding in, almost a year later.

A major focus has been placed on developing internal staff through a bespoke training program called 360 Recruiter we have rolled out and will continue to invest time in this for years to come. This has helped to shape our staff career development program and we’ve seen a range of promotions across the company with people in new positions including Senior Consultants, Business Development Manager, Quality Manager and the appointment of three Directors.

We’ve invested in additional staff for our Sales and Commercial team as well as moved our Bristol office (for the last time) to an excellent central location, so we’re looking forward to the successes of these investments throughout 2020.  

We’ve loved supporting various charities over the years and were delighted to be crowned winners of the Services to the community at the Wiltshire Business Awards in 2017, so we are pleased to be adding Wiltshire Air Ambulance to our list as our new Charity of the year.  

What will 2020 bring us? 

With some political stability now in hand, we feel optimistic about the future of recruitment in 2020 and look forward to supporting clients across Wiltshire and Bristol with the supply of temporary and permanent staff across all sectors this year. 

As the world has taken a more focused view on environmental issues, we too are pleased to be playing our part in business with various initiatives and look forward to going paperless with online time sheets later this year.                                                      

There will no doubt be a range of changes in employment legislation and we feel extremely well prepared for the changes to IR35 due to be implemented in April 2020. We are proud that we have been 100% PAYE since April 2016 so are encouraged to see several of our progressive clients starting to insist on this payroll procedure when supplying them with staff. It is interesting to note that our most-read blog 'PAYE vs Self Employed' continues to receive regular hits and we will be teaming up with an employment law specialist to deliver a seminar for local businesses covering a range of hot legislative topics with invitations to this going out soon.  

We look forward to launching our healthcare division in Bristol with a newly appointed Care Support Manager and feel confident this division will continue to flourish throughout the year.

Staff development remains a key focus for us with a range of leadership and management training already booked in for ambitious members of staff looking to develop their careers. 

Like most people, my personal goals help me to stay focused at work and I find that writing these down as well as sharing them provide some positive pressure in my life. So, with another year passed it is now time to turn the page and set my sights on new goals for 2020. I tend to use a framework for my goals which include a combination of health and well being, travel and adventure, relationships and personal development as well as DIY or home and financial headings to cover different aspects of my life.

These are some (not all) of my goals for 2020:

  • Eat no red meat during the week and 2-3 vegetarian or vegan meals helping the environment and my body at the same time. After watching a couple of programs on plant-based diets, I totally understand the health benefits, but am just not ready to make a full commitment so will work towards this by taking these small steps.

  • Complete a cycling training camp in Spain during April where I will climb the height of Mount Everest in a week together with some other enthusiastic cycling buddies – I have a few pounds to drop before then, so the diet starts today!    
  • Maintain early morning RPM twice weekly – I love the crew at these sessions and feel energised for the day ahead afterwards.

  • Continue to work from home on a Monday morning – this helps me to plan the week ahead and allows some quiet thinking time with no interruptions.

  • Achieve OYNB or One Year No Beer – I started this journey with my wife in October 2019 who was inspired after reading Annie Grace’s book ‘This Naked Mind’ and after going alcohol-free for 86 days I’m keen to complete a whole 365 Day Challenge. Pretty life-changing stuff! 

  • Increase daily intake of water to 2 litres – I don’t tend to drink very much water at all so this will be challenging for me but am looking forward to the benefits of improved hydration.

  • Visit one new country every year – This year we are hoping to visit Malta after discovering the vast amount of dive sites around the island…how did this place survive historically!? 

  • Surf on my newly manufactured Red Hot Chili Peppers surfboard waiting for me in Perranporth. 

  • Contact my parents once a week, even if it’s just a quick call and book a weekend away with them to capture precious memories. 

  • Support my daughter through her exams this year and her next big step by starting senior school in September. 
  • Support my youngest son through his second year at Uni when he moves into his first proper accommodation learning about bills and all those fun responsibilities! Take advantage of him living near Arsenal stadium to watch a couple of games too!

  • Enjoy more #Microadventures - I loved our little trip to the bluebells in spring as well as watching the sun go down on my favourite beach in Perranporth, sleeping outside in the garden one night and would like to continue these micro-adventures with a focus on making sure they are free life experiences!  

  • Create more woodworking projects – I thoroughly enjoyed building an outdoor seating area in our side garden from old pallets last year as well as a few tables and would like to progress these projects. Not sure if it’s the end-product I like or just playing with powerful woodworking tools!  

  • Take more quality photographs – I love the combination of technology with creativity, so digital photography hits the spot wonderfully. Now I just need to perfect the balance of landscapes and people.

  • A few of my home goals include planting a mini fruit orchard, decorating my living room and getting some of my best photographs mounted on the walls in my home.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked with, supported or been involved in shaping my life or business over the last year. Your contributions are all greatly appreciated, and I wish you all the very best for 2020 as well as the new decade!

All the best, Julian

Julian Thompson

Published by Julian

over 2 years ago


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