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Planning for a new world of recruitment post pandemic

Here at 24-7 Staffing, like all other businesses across the UK, we have had to make some huge adjustments to working life during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our staff are working from home, some of our team have been furloughed and we have also furloughed some of our candidates.  It is difficult to know what the future holds but whenever we arrive at the ‘new’ normal, there are strong predictions that we face a global recession, possibly even a depression, and many organisations won’t survive.

Equally, many businesses will get through and they will be stronger. The buzz word is ‘pivot’ and it is those businesses which make changes now, and seize opportunities later, which will be the stronger for it. We are determined that 24-7 Staffing will be among them.

Julian and I are drawing on our experience from working through the last recession, in 2008/09, during which we remodelled our business, made some bold decisions, including buying the commercial property in Chippenham where our head office is based and diversified into new sectors.

As we went into recession, our business was five years old – quite a milestone in itself – and operating from tiny rented premises in Chippenham. We specialised in driver recruitment only at the time.

As the recession began to bite, we decided to use savings to buy our own premises (by a lovely coincidence, on the site of the Golddiggers Nightclub where we first met) and to diversify.

We added industrial recruitment to our portfolio and, as we came out of the recession, quickly began to pick up work from those competitors who hadn’t made it through. Over the subsequent years, we have added commercial recruitment and healthcare recruitment, so we have four divisions serving distinct sectors.

As a result of COVID-19, once again we are looking closely at our business and making changes to get us fighting fit for the next phase. We know we are more fortunate than some other recruitment businesses as many of our candidates; around 60-70% are key workers. Drivers are needed to deliver essential goods, such as food. In the industrial sector, refuse collection, water services and food production continue. And of course, in healthcare our workers are on the frontline, fighting the virus and caring for the vulnerable. They are all incredible local heroes and we are very proud of them as well as our staff who are part of the keyworker supply chain.

I’m huge fan of global recruitment expert Greg Savage, who makes some interesting points in his blog and YouTube channel The Savage Truth. He himself has worked through five recessions now, which puts our mere one into perspective! His advice chimes with all sectors, not just recruitment.

His advice includes remaining visible, to get through these tough days so that you are well positioned to come out on the other side and take advantage of new opportunities that may be present. Keep connected and keep communicating to the world around you. That is just what Julian and I are doing, with the support of our fantastic team and we hope our inspirational messages keep you going until we meet again face to face, on the other side of this international crisis.

In the meantime, recruitment goes on. If you are looking for permanent new additions to your company or just need some temporary help until things feel more stable, then we have a selection of excellent candidates to choose from, please get in touch. Equally, if you are looking for a new role, we would love to hear from you too!

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

about 2 years ago


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