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5 Benefits of temping post lockdown

The way we all work has changed enormously in recent months and this evolution has been greatly accelerated by Coronavirus.

More companies than ever are seeking to employ a flexible workforce, which they can increase or decrease quickly in response to changing demand, and this means temporary workers and contract workers form an important element of their staffing strategy.

As we move out of lockdown, businesses are also taking on temps so they can protect some of their permanent employees who remain on furlough. In short, the demand for temps – not least in the sectors we support at 24-7 Staffing, namely driving, commercial, industrial and healthcare - is greater than ever.

The advantages of temping are not one sided. It is not only employers who find this flexible working arrangement beneficial. Temping brings many advantages for temporary workers too.

Five benefits of temping in the workplace

  1. Flexibility. Temping can be fitted around other commitments, such as family life, caring roles, or other forms of employment.
  2. Variety. Temping exposes you to different roles in different sectors, which brings a broader scope in terms of jobhunting; experience of different sectors on a CV can be appealing to employers.
  3. Skills. By working in different jobs in a variety of industries, you will have an opportunity to acquire a wider range of skills.
  4. Management styles. Working across a variety of settings and under different managers, brings you an understanding of the range of styles of setup and management, which again makes you an attractive hire for companies.
  5. Trialling a role. If you are thinking about a particular sector, then trying that role out as a temp is a good way of gaining clarity around whether that is the career path for you.

At 24-7 Staffing, we have a large database of temporary, contract and interim positions, within our four main sectors and have been taking on large volumes of new candidates to fulfil these roles in recent weeks. Get in touch with a member of our experienced team today to find out what vacancies we have available by calling 0800 7830247. We have offices based in Chippenham, Bristol, and Salisbury, placing candidates across the South West.





Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

almost 2 years ago


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