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Five reasons for using temps

We’ve always championed temporary workers here at 24-7 Staffing and now, more than ever, our clients are enjoying the benefits of taking on temporary or interim staff as they move out of lockdown.

It is also encouraging to see the most recent figures from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, of which we are a member, which show a continued rise in the number of job adverts: in the week of 22-28 June, there were 990,000 unique active job postings in the UK, up from 963,000 in the first week of June. There were also more than 92,000 new job postings in that week, which is an increase over the same periods in April and May 2020.

In our last blog, we looked at why taking on temps could be a good first step. For example, using temps offers flexibility, allowing businesses to quickly increase or decrease staffing levels in response to changing demand, which may be as a result of the virus – as we know, the city of Leicester went back into lockdown, undoubtedly affecting demand from consumers. Also, a number of business are taking on temps to protect a proportion of their permanent workforce, by leaving them on furlough.

Coronavirus aside, using temps brings many advantages to businesses. In other words, in the ‘old’ normal and the ‘new’ normal, temps hold an important position in the makeup of the UK’s workforce.

Five advantages for using temps

1. Responding to fluctuations

Using temporary workers allows you to quickly fill in gaps in your workforce. This may be in response to changes in customer demand, or equally to cover positions which are created due to staff illness, maternity leave or sudden departure. Similarly, you may need temps to cover project work or seasonal work.

2. Flexibility

Working on a temporary or contract basis is an increasingly popular choice among the UK’s workforce. Modern work patterns have moved on from the days when employment was largely on a permanent, job-for-life basis. Flexible arrangements can suit workers as much as they suit businesses.

3. Try before you buy

Here we are referring to our temp-to-perm service, whereby an employer can try out a new member of the team on a temporary basis and then, if they prove to be a good fit for the company, offer a permanent contract. If the temp proves not to be the right person for the job, they can be let go and another candidate put forward. Equally, a temp can be used to fill a gap while you are searching for a new, permanent member of the team.

4. Cost effective

There are usually fewer costs associated with taking on a temp than with taking on a permanent member of staff, particularly for a role that is likely to be short-term. If you use temps, although they are working for you, all their benefits and pay are handled by the recruitment agency. In the case of 24-7 Staffing, we are proud that we pay all our temps on a PAYE basis. We also carry out the vetting and necessary checks (such as Right to Work and DBS), all of which make the process of hiring temps far less burdensome for our clients.

5. Building relationships

By using temporary workers, you are building a stronger relationship with your recruitment partner, who will get to understand more clearly the demands of your business. The great relationships we have with our clients mean we are in tune with their needs and what they are looking for in a temporary worker.

At 24-7 Staffing, we have a large database of temporary and permanent candidates, to suit roles covering four main sectors: driving, commercial, industrial and healthcare. To talk to us about hiring great quality temporary candidates for your business, or if you are a jobseeker looking for a new role, please get in touch with the team today by calling 0800 7830 247. 

Melody Thompson

Published by Melody

almost 2 years ago


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