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School leavers, part-time work, and the jobs market

August is always a significant month in the school calendar, as students across the UK receive their A-level and GCSE results.

Of course this year, as students were unable to sit exams due to Coronavirus, results days were affected by the issues around awarded grades and the computer algorithm used.

All that aside, we now have a large cohort of school leavers, some off to university or further education, and many looking for employment, either full or part-time.

As the same time, employers, whose businesses have been impacted by COVID-19, are making considered decisions about their recruitment and many are opting to meet potential fluctuations in demand by using temps rather than, as they might otherwise have done, creating permanent positions.

This increased demand for temps, along with the availability of school leavers looking for part-time work, could be good news for the jobs market.

At 24-7 Staffing, we specialise in temporary recruitment and we are without doubt seeing an increase in demand for part-time staff across the sectors we work in, which are driving, commercial, industrial and healthcare.


Benefits of part-time work for students

If you are a student and are looking for part-time employment, then there are a number of benefits you will enjoy if you land a position.

  1. An income. Student life in particular is expensive, with tuition fees now up to £9,250 per year with living costs on top. The average student these days graduates with a debt of around £50,000. Any money you can earn will contribute towards your living costs, and help ease that burden of debt.
  2. Gaining work experience. Having some real life work experience to cite on a CV will always be beneficial when applying for your next job, whether that is further part-time employment, or a permanent role as a first step on a career path.
  3. Learning new skills. Any role requires commitment and brings the opportunity to learn skills, many of which will be transferable to future roles. These might include learning about working in a team, being self-motivated, being able to work comfortably with people of different ages and backgrounds, computing skills such as Word or Excel… the list is endless.
  4. Part-time work can often be fitted around studies. Contact time with lecturers and tutors accounts for only a few hours a week, with the rest of a student’s time being dedicated to self-studying. Therefore it should be possible to fit in a part-time role without compromising any learning.
  5. Creating contacts. The more people you get to know through work, the more contacts you will build up. It’s all part of networking, and this can really help you along the way in your future career.


How to find part-time work

The simplest method is to sign up to a recruitment agency, such as 24-7 Staffing. We’re based in Wiltshire, but we place candidates across Bristol, Chippenham, Salisbury and the South West. We have a wide range of part-time roles to choose from, so why not take a look at our jobs board here.

To chat to us about part-time and temporary jobs please get in touch with our experienced and friendly team.

Melody Thompson

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almost 2 years ago