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Five benefits of being a lorry driver

There has been much in the news lately about the national shortage of lorry drivers. All the mainstream press are reporting on this, and there are now warnings of shortages on shop shelves because there simply aren’t enough drivers to transport goods into and around the country.

From headlines like ‘Lorry driver shortage threatens Haribo sweets’ to ‘Urgent talks held to avoid lorry driver crisis’, there are real concerns that the haulage industry is struggling through lack of qualified drivers. There are reported to be some 60,000 vacancies now.

This situation isn’t new. There has been a shortage of drivers for years, but this has been exacerbated by the pandemic and Brexit, making the circumstances more acute – hence the mainstream reporting.

As specialist driver recruiters, we too have vacancies for driving posts – you can check them out here. We also have many, many drivers on our books, who have been driving their whole careers.

With the unemployment rate currently at 4.7% for adults over 16, it’s clear there are plenty of people out there looking for new positions. Could some of them be encouraged to retrain to fill the gap? Indeed, are you looking for a new role and – having seen the opportunities – are thinking of driving as a change of direction?

Here are just some of the many benefits to having a career as an HGV driver.

Five benefits of lorry driving

  1. Opportunities galore. There are lots of vacancies out there, across a range of sectors, including temporary, contract and permanent roles. If you train as a lorry driver, you’re unlikely to ever find yourself out of work.
  2. Wages. With demand for drivers outstripping supply, there is certainly pressure to increase wages for driving. According to the National Careers Services, a driver can earn anything from £18,000 per year when starting out, up to £35,000 per year.
  3. Freedom and flexibility. This is especially true for drivers taking temp work. You can work the shifts you choose, perhaps taking long distance trips, with a day or two off in between. Plus you get variety, travelling to different places, to see different countries, transporting goods around. No two days are the same.
  4. Pride in being a key worker. Cast your mind back to the early days of the pandemic, when we queued to get into supermarkets, only to be presented with many empty shelves. If it wasn’t for lorry drivers, this would happen day in and day out. If you’re a lorry driver, you are a vital cog in the haulage sector, bringing essential goods and services to people.
  5. Career progression. Becoming a lorry driver is often the first step on a career ladder. You can read about our former candidate, Steve, who landed a permanent position with the company he was temping for.

Like the sound of a career as a lorry driver? There are qualifications that you will need first. You can find more information about these at WTTL in Wiltshire. But if you already have the right qualifications, why not get in touch with our driver recruiter team, or register as a candidate through our online portal.

At 24-7 Staffing, we specialise in temporary recruitment for the driving, commercial, healthcare and industrial sectors, placing candidates across Wiltshire, Bristol and the South West.

Julian Thompson

Published by Julian

12 months ago


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