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Five benefits of being an agency care worker

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The news that the number of job vacancies in the adult social care sector is high has been well-publicised.

According to latest statistics from Skills for Care, on any given day there are now some 105,000 job vacancies, which equates to 6.8% of adult social care roles.

The Government is even running its own recruitment campaign to encourage people to opt for or return to a career in care, and we’ve blogged about this before.

Clearly, if this is an area you are considering working in, or perhaps have worked in and would like to go back to, then now is a very good time, particularly if you are looking for agency work.

At 24-7 Staffing, we are a specialist care recruitment agency, working closely with our clients and our healthcare candidates.

We’ve been asking them, and our expert recruiters, just what the benefits are of being an agency worker in care and, you may be surprised to learn, there are many! Here are five we’d like to highlight here:

Benefits of agency work in adult social care

  1. Flexibility. As an agency worker, unlike working in a permanent role, you have far greater flexibility to choose when and even where you want to work. This makes your work easier to fit around your other commitments.

  2. Currently, with the huge vacancy rate in the adult social care sector, it is a workers’ market and for competent, qualified staff there is little chance of not being able to find shifts whenever you choose. This means you are unlikely to be unable to find work when you want it.

  3. Although not a well-paid sector, wages are beginning to go up. From April 2022 all workers aged over 23 will see an increase in the National Living Wage to £9.50 an hour, from £8.91. This means a full-time worker will get £1,074 extra a year before tax. The good news for those candidates who work with 24-7 Staffing is that we pay at least the National Living Wage, even for those under the age of 23.

  4. Through temping, you have the chance to work in a variety of settings, which means you are gaining a range of experiences as well as creating a more varied work pattern for yourself. This is also good for your CV, because it demonstrates your experience to employers.

  5. All workers, including temporary care workers with 24-7 Staffing, are paid on a PAYE basis (and have been since 2016). We don’t, unlike some agencies, use umbrella companies. This means all our workers and candidates have full employment rights.

These are just five reasons why working as an agency care worker can be a great choice of career.

At 24-7 Staffing, we work with healthcare employers across Chippenham, Salisbury, Bristol, Wiltshire and the South West and have a large database of current vacancies, perfectly matching clients with candidates.

If you are a qualified carer and would like to talk to us about agency healthcare work for you, please get in touch with our experienced team.

Julian Thompson

Published by Julian

7 months ago


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