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A warm welcome to Sandie Rutter - our new Director of Care & Commercial Recruitment

Sandie Rutter 24-7 Staffing

We’re extremely pleased to start the New Year off by welcoming Sandie Rutter to the team here at 24-7 Staffing.

Sandie takes up a brand new role as Director of Care and Commercial Recruitment and brings a wealth of experience to the business. With 34 years in the industry and the past 10 specialising in Health and Social Care, Sandie is very much looking forward to meeting clients and candidates plus developing and nurturing her new team.

Here’s a little bit about Sandie and her career to date…

Sandie has worked in the recruitment industry since 1988, when all you needed was a rolodex, a telephone and newspapers had the monopoly on job advertising! Like many people, recruitment was something Sandie fell into, but it quickly became her passion and she’s been fortunate to work with some of the industry’s leading experts along the way.

Sandie first started out working for a multi-national company, offering commercial, industrial and catering recruitment.  She tells us that she can still remember today how terrifying it was to put her intensive training into practise and pick up her first permanent job. Client visits were particularly scary because at just 18, she was so nervous, she barely heard a word the client said for fear she was going to forget what to say!

Sandie’s career has taught her many valuable lessons that she consistently passes on to others. Here are a few of her key learnings...

  • Everyone is unique, and this is something to celebrate rather than be conscious about

  • Always do what you say you will do

  • No-one has all the answers, but everyone can listen

  • If you can’t help someone, tell them. Don’t try and pretend you can, just try your best to point them in the right direction

In 2012, Sandie entered the health and social care recruitment world and holds a tremendous amount of respect for the work this community of keyworkers do every day.  No other industry sector is as people-centric or indeed as demanding with training and compliance.

Sandie comments, “I’ve been incredibly lucky to have worked with some exceptionally talented individuals who, having had the right training, have been able to carve out, long standing recruitment careers with their clients for many years. 

It gives me huge satisfaction to see the people I support, grow into valued recruitment partners and get as much joy out of the job, as I do.  I may not be the 18-year-old I was in the early days, and recruitment today may look a little different, but I still love the industry as much as ever and really enjoy meeting and establishing relationships with clients and candidates. 

I’m thrilled to be joining 24-7 Staffing, and I look forward to supporting my team, clients and candidates. The focus and ethos that the team demonstrate towards the people the look after every day is very much something I will uphold and nurture. 

As soon as I met them all, I knew it was the perfect fit as we share the same values when it comes to understanding both clients and candidates on a personal level. My promise to everyone I work with is that I will always listen.”

Julian Thompson

Published by Julian

6 months ago


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