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Achieve your dream holiday this year!

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Yes we said this year! If you’re dreaming of the perfect getaway with friends, family or solo, we’ve got some great tips for you to take your break to the next level.

It might seem unachievable if you’re on a budget, but we’ve put together some advice on how to get some cash saved quick and make your time away this year memorable.

Here’s what you can do…

Focus your efforts and plan

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your hotel room, move from camping up to a caravan, eat out a bit more or be able to treat yourself and your family to some fun experiences. Whatever the aim, decide what it is, and work backwards.

So for example, say you were looking to have more space within your accommodation. To upgrade its £250 more, putting just £3 in a jar a day means you’ll achieve that goal in only three months.

If you double it, you’ve got yourself £500, so you could spend the rest on some fun days out with the family or enjoy a few meals out whilst you’re away.

Make sure you’ve factored in everything when you get your final budget together. For example, travel insurance and any extras you need like clothes, suncream etc so you’re completely prepared.

Take a look at your household bills

It’s easy to stick with what you know and let them come out of your bank account every month, but when did you last challenge your rates?

Often, you can save a huge amount on your household utility bills by consolidating them and/or shopping around to find the best price.

Price comparison sites are an excellent way to get started with this and you can use them for all sorts of items, even bank accounts and mortgages. We’ve found a handy guide to getting the most out of them here.

Whilst you’re there, make sure you take stock of the direct debits on your account too, there might be some coming out that you don’t need. Cancel them down and divert the cash into your holiday fund.

Add an extra shift or two

If you’re looking to really supercharge your holiday and maybe go from a UK trip to heading abroad, why not add in an extra shift or two every month?

For the average production job, you could easily raise your salary by £265 each month for one extra shift, so in just three months you’ll have put aside the best part of £800

Do two extra shifts and you can push that up to £1600, so that five-star all-inclusive break on the beach could be yours by the summer!

Check out this link to a handy savings calculator to dial up exactly how much it will take to save for your holiday.

Keep your savings safe

You might be brilliant with money, or not so brilliant with money! Either way keep it safe and for the big savings, open an account. There are several kinds out there depending on how likely you are to give in to temptation!

Choose from limited access accounts that you can use 1-3 times per year, regular savings accounts that you have to pay into each month and so on. Check with your bank and they’ll advise you on the best options depending on your savings target.

Many holiday companies offer deposit and part payment schemes too, so you don’t have to pay it all up front. As you save up you can just pay off an amount every month or two until you reach the balance due date.

When you book

Always look for the best deal, discount codes and offers before you commit. Again, you could use a holiday cost comparison site, but remember to check out the advice on the link we shared earlier before you start.

Always clear your cookies or go incognito when you look for flights. The airlines put the prices up in accordance with your browsing. So, if you check back and it’s £100 more that’s why.

Always read the fine print and pay attention to things like baggage allowance and all those ‘extras’ such as higher prices for seats next to each other, legroom and so on.

The sky scanner app actually tells you the cheapest time to fly in a whole month, so if you are flexible on dates, this can help you secure a bargain.

So Hopefully our tips here have given you some inspiration to chase your dream holiday! Let us know how you get on…

Julian Thompson

Published by Julian

4 months ago


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