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Announcing the winners of the 24-7 Staffing Good Egg Awards 2022!

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We’re delighted to announce the winners of the 24-7 Staffing Good Egg Awards 2022!

The awards have been put together to celebrate our candidates and reward them for the hard work they put in for our clients every day. We’ve had lots of responses and some really strong entries it seems our perfectly placed people are really making a difference out there!

We would like to say a huge congratulations to the all the winners below…


Egg Timer

These candidates are always on time and never let our clients or their customers down.

Nigel Staffiere

Cindy Lydall


Going the Eggstra Mile

These are the candidates that our clients commend for going above and beyond to deliver for their business and their customers.

Andy Bible

Megan Jones

Ed Hughes

Lisa Baker


All Round Eggcellence

The people that our clients feel are an all-round Good Egg by consistently delivering eggcellence in everything they do!

Kevin Groves

Dan Mallet

Clive Blackwell

Peter Gale

Christine Wiggan


With so many worthy nominations, we’re also reggcognising the candidates nominated below with a box of chocolates for all their hard work…


Rob Lambert

John Wright

Dave Hooke

Shaun Collett

Steve Higgins

Caroline Coulthard

Irene Croker

Indi Wimalarathne

Phil Couzens

Andy Tarrant

Amy Blundell

Josse Ngwainmbi


Here are just a few of the comments our clients have made about the winners…


“John always helps in my service if he can and knows the people very well so is genuine and gets on with them. Friendly face and very chatty. Carol understands what to do in the service and is a very kind lady.”

“Lisa is always so positive and helpful and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She is a do-er and is happy to help with anything. Whether it is swimming, gym, cleaning or even painting and decorating! she is an all round good egg!”


“Kevin settled in beautifully, he is always friendly, cheerful and helpful and endeavours to provide any information that I request in a timely manner. He has never once been late or been off sick and I know that he performs really well at his job. We really appreciate him here, so please give him a BIG thank you from us!”


“Clive has been with us for a number of years, he doesn't live local to us but always arrives on time for every shift with us.”


“They are both great! Everyone enjoys working with them and the people we support like them and look forward to when they are next in.”


“Peter has returned to driving for us and has proved reliable as ever. David and Shaun have both adapted well to the role too.”


Our 24-7 Staffing Easter bunny team will be out and about this week delivering chocolate to the winners and of course to all of our clients that put in nominations. Take a look over on our social media channels for updates and pictures!

Julian Thompson

Published by Julian

3 months ago


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