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Redundancy led to a career in recruitment for Jamie-Leigh

Jamie Leigh Watts

Senior Recruitment Consultant Jamie-Leigh had long wanted to join the industry, but ironically it was redundancy from her job that gave her the opportunity.

Jamie-Leigh heads up our Yate office near Bristol. The branch focuses mainly in filling industrial and driving vacancies for our clients, but across the company we also specialise in commercial and healthcare.

This is in fact the second spell of working for 24-7 Staffing for Jamie-Leigh. She was with us for about two years from 2014, then left, but missed us so much she came back in 2019. And now she’s promised us she plans to stay.

“I’m from Yate and have lived here nearly all my life, since I was about nine. Pretty much everyone knows everyone, because although the town is a bit bigger now than when I first moved here, it’s still got a village feel. That local knowledge is really important in recruitment for building relationships, with clients and with our candidates too.”

After Jamie-Leigh left college, she first went into sales, and then into admin/PA type work for businesses.

“It was really an accident that I eventually got into recruitment,” she said. “I had wanted to get into recruitment for ages, because in my office roles I was being placed through an agency and I liked what I saw of the industry. But I was told I needed experience, so didn’t manage to get in.

“Then I was made redundant, so I was walking around town after leaving the office and walked into a recruitment company asking if they had any openings. They needed someone on reception, so I got the job! Then I was trained and eventually made into a consultant. It was a dream come true. I loved it and I still love it. This will be my forever job. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

So, what appealed to Jamie-Leigh about recruitment?

“I enjoyed the idea of meeting all the new people, and being in a job with a lot of variety, so there would be no chance to get bored (which I can easily do!) Recruitment was perfect for me, because there’s always something different going on, lots of challenges so it is interesting, and I am always meeting new people, which I love.”

Jamie-Leigh also liked the pay structure, which offers a basic salary with commission on top related to performance.

Plus, as she says, she gets out and about visiting clients and she finds the role rewarding.

“What I love about the job most is how much it helps people. Some of our candidates literally say we have saved them, because they had little or no money and we have found them a job. It helps people and is so rewarding.”

Jamie-Leigh highly recommends recruitment as a career, and is proud to hold her Institute of Leadership & Management and REC recruitment qualifications.

Life hasn’t been completely plain sailing. A few years ago, Jamie-Leigh had a serious car accident, which led to her leaving 24-7 Staffing and the industry. But she didn’t enjoy her time away, and was delighted to come back to us and to recruitment. And we’re thrilled to have her!

If you like the idea of a career in recruitment, working alongside our great team, including Jamie-Lee, Meg and Brad, we’d love to hear from you.

And what makes a great recruiter? Here’s what Jamie-Leigh thinks.

“You have to be strong, organised because there is so much going on, adaptable as things change quickly, and good at talking to people.”

Are you a candidate looking for a new role? If you work in healthcare, driving, commercial or industrial, or are looking to switch to these sectors, we would love to hear from you. At 24-7 Staffing, we specialise in helping our clients and our candidates find a perfect match, across Chippenham, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Bristol and the South West. To talk to our expert team, please get in touch.








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