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"I joined 24-7 Staffing in October, having moved from North Wales where I'd been unable to find driving work.

I was therefore quite rusty, which I explained to 24-7 Staffing at my interviews. They took this on board and have placed me on a variety of positions which have built up my confidence at a comfortable pace. I was unfortunate enough to receive an injury at work soon after joining. I let the office know, and they were brilliant! They came and collected me from the hospital, helped me with the health and safety report and even rode my motorcycle back to my house. They supported me through my recovery with sick pay and found me suitably easy work when I was able to return. The staff in the office has plenty of experience and the transport industry, and therefore understand the jobs they assign their drivers to. This makes all the difference. For instance, you may have a drop in a town that you have no maps for. Give the office a call and they will find the address on the computer and guide you in over the phone! I am now working towards an NVQ2 which 24-7 Staffing organised with Wiltshire Transport Training Limited. Included in this course is the opportunity to upgrade to the next level of my licence. Since I have a cat C licence, this means the chance to upgrade to artics, something I would have really struggled to fund myself. In summary, this is a great agency which I would recommend to anyone!"

Mike Reading, Class II Driver


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